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    We make athletes better athletes. Yep, you are an athlete. Contact us (below) to find out how we can make YOU better. We define our services into 3 categories for the type of goal/athlete. Read more on the left panel to see where you fit. Meet the Head Coach.


    All of our in person training is done in Colorado. Be sure to read about our virtual training.

    You want to make a breakthrough. We can help.

    Professional, collegiate, Olympic level training for competitive athletes. Learn more...

    Life should be an adventure, we want to train you for both.

    Life's an adventure, train for your next one. Whether for adventure travel, your next ski trip, or climbing that big mountain, we'll get your body ready so your mind can enjoy the feat. Learn more...

    Don't live in Colorado? We can still help.

    Not everyone lives in Colorado ( we know you are bummed), let us coach you from anywhere in the world. Learn more...

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    Have us come teach your team, club, school, or business.

    Check out below for some of the more popular topics.

    NOTE: I am happy to speak to your online audience as well!

    The importance of warming up like a pro!

    Warming Up

    Why you shouldn't ignore how you start every session.

    What the best athletes in the world do before every practice, workout, run, or competition and how to easily incorporate these concepts no matter the level of athlete.


    <<The importance of warming up like a pro!

    Athlete first, Runner second.

    Good athletes make good runners, let us explain.

    Good athletes move with ease. They are efficient. They are strong. They are mentally tough and resilient. They perform at a high level. They are durable. Sounds like a pretty darn good formula for runners too. Let us give you ways to become better athletes AND runners.

    168 minus

    Time management for the masses.

    We all have 168 hours in every week. How we manage that time with our health and fitness goals may determine our outcomes. This talk takes into consideration what you can't skimp on, think sleep, to what you can, think gym. It's a creative look at managing busy lives and lofty goals with tons of actionable items for everyone!

    Other topics.

    The list goes on. Don't see something you like? We would be happy to talk about what interests you and your group. Let's talk. Be sure to reach out by sending a message below!

    • Everyone Is An Athlete, Yes, Everyone- Stories from thousands of client sessions and hundreds of interviews to inspire and get people to re-think what it means to be an athlete.
    • When Positive Doesn't Seem Possible- The power and skill of keeping it positive during competition and in training.  
  • No coaching for you?

    No sweat. You can stalk us online to learn more. We have a podcast with amazing stories and how to become a better athlete and a couple awesome sites to learn from!