• Adventure Coaching

    Let us help you prepare for some of the most memorable experiences of your life.

    About Adventure coaching

    Why adventure coaching?

    Living in Colorado for the last 13 years has exposed me to some amazing adventures not even 50 miles from my doorstep. From climbing 14ers to mountain biking epic desert trails and everything between, there are so many interesting ways to adventure.


    I've been in the high Andes on hikes and whitewater, climbing in Thailand, and cycling across Vietnam. I can tell you that none of the adventures I have been on would have been as fun if I wasn't trained for them.


    Even the lower intensity adventures like hiking need a certain level of skill and fitness to truly enjoy them.


    So, instead of looking at your shoes when you hike at sunrise in Hawaii or having to hop off the water skis because your forearms can't take it any longer, let us train you for your next adventure!

    The Coaching

    After the adventure is inevitable.

    Every adventure has a starting point. Usually, it starts as a thought until it becomes a slight obsession that must be taken on before anything else in life matters. Well, even if it isn't that intense, once you know what the adventure is, we can help you. And if you don't, we love helping people find more adventure in their lives, let's talk.


    Once we know the time frame and the task, we reverse engineer your training like any periodized program for any athlete in the world. This way, we can work to your big day/week/month/ or year to prep you as well as possible based on where you are today!


    We need to know more about you before we get started. Fill out THIS FORM and we will contact you asap!

    The Biggest Gym In The World!


    Pricing details.

    Our general philosophy on pricing:

    • Be competitive but don't compete on price
    • Be flexible but don't work with flakes
    • Be transparent but don't make people work to find out what we charge.

    Our in person rates range in the $75-125/session range depending on frequency and goals.


    Our virtual coaching is priced per month and ranges between $150-250/month based on how much access, programming, and accountability is built into the coaching! No matter, we need to know more about you so be sure to apply for coaching here!


    Some adventures to train for...

    • Trekking across a country, continent
    • Backcountry camping
    • Mountaineering
    • Canyoneering
    • Mountain Biking
    • Road Biking
    • Trail Running
    • Paddle Sports (kayak, canoe, SUP)
    • Water sports