• Performance coaching

    You are a professional, elite, or every day athlete that wants to be competitive.

    The Science


    Before diving straight into mindless training, we want you to be an educated athlete. The guidelines and principles of the science that supports the coaching you are receiving will empower you to always understand WHY you are doing everything you are asked to do.

    Photo Credit: Mark Shaiken

    The Coaching

    Development for all athletes


    Power and Lateral Sports

    • Accountability
    • Mental toughness/Mindset
    • Sports specific strength and power
    • Injury Prevention
    • Mobility/ Flexibility
    • Programming
    • Acceleration
    • Top end speed
    • Recovery plans and concepts
    • Nutrition/Fueling

    Endurance Sports

    • "A" race training/programming
    • Bio-mechanical efficiency (form)
    • Specific and non specific strength for durability and injury prevention
    • Accountability
    • Mobility/flexibility
    • Nutrition/Fueling
    <<Photo Credit: Mark Shaiken

    Get Started

    The first steps

    There is really only one way to get started. We have to know you exist. Just shoot us a message on the below contact us form and we will send you an Athlete Application form to learn about you and your goals!


    You can always send an email to athletesonfire@gmail.com if you need to learn more before applying.


    For all of our Colorado inquiries we are able to train locally in the Highlands Ranch/ Littleton area. If you are reaching out from somewhere outside Colorado we are happy to coach you virtually but, still need to know you exist so fill out the contact form!


    Our general philosophy on pricing:

    • Be competitive but don't compete on price
    • Be flexible but don't work with flakes
    • Be transparent but don't make people work to find out what we charge.

    Our in person rates range in the $75-125/session range depending on frequency and goals.


    Our virtual coaching is priced per month and ranges between $150-250/month based on how much access, programming, and accountability is built into the coaching!


    Want to talk and see if we are a fit?


    Find a time to set up a free consult HERE.



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    Hey I'm Scott Jones, the head coach at Athlete On Fire and would love to learn more about your goals. Fill out the form on the right and I'll get in touch!