• Scott C. Jones, M.s.

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    After graduating from Marshall University with my M.S. in exercise physiology I headed west to Colorado, starting my career as the Head Of Sports Performance for the HIT Center. After the first year I went off on my own and have since worked over 13,000 one on one sessions with athletes of all levels and backgrounds including Olympic level athletes, professional athletes, adaptive athletes, youth, recreational, and lifestyle athletes!   


    The science of exercise and the art of coaching combined with the evolved belief that everyone is an athlete drive the coaching and development of every athlete I work with.

    Don't think you are an athlete?

    It's my goal to teach and train you otherwise.


    And for the athletes ready to get after it, contact me and we can start with a consult!


    I moved to Colorado the month after I received my Masters Degree and haven't budged. I found my wife sitting next to me on a chairlift on a powder day in Breckenridge chomping on a blueberry pancake. We did 7 weeks in SE Asia for our honeymoon, and now have two amazing boys. We are both born with a passion for moving, adventure, and getting others excited about these things! I just started a more personal Instagram feed if ya wanna stalk me a bit before hiring me! Check it out HERE.

  • Carrie Lane MS|CSCS

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    I spent 15 years coaching Division I college track and field before moving to Denver in 2014. During my college coaching years, I coached a World Championships silver medalist, an Olympic finalist, and several national champions and NCAA All Americans.


    Since moving to Denver, I now work with post-collegiate distance runners, competitive high school athletes, and climbers/mountaineers who have serious alpine objectives.


    Because of my extensive background coaching high level distance runners AND speed/power athletes, I offer unique expertise in my strength and power training for endurance athletes. I also teach strength and conditioning to other coaches around the country for the US Track and Field Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).



    There are a few common themes of my training plans that permeate throughout, regardless of your ability level or your sport.


    First, every workout has a purpose. Training is carefully scheduled, taking into account the activities that you will do before and after the current session. I pair workouts carefully, in order to gain the most benefit and to provide balance and purpose to your training. A scattered workout plan leads to scattered results.


    Second, training is multilateral. What does that mean? Your body’s muscles, joints, brain, energy

    systems, and endocrine system all work in concert with each other while you train and even when

    you’re done. Keeping all of this in mind, I take careful consideration of the global effect that workouts will have on your body’s ability to adapt, get stronger, and recover. Having a coach who understands how all of these factors work together will help you become a more durable and efficient athlete.


    Finally, training should be fun. And consistent. Athletes should finish a workout wanting more. That’s what keeps you coming back and helps you to work hard when it counts.


    Although I plan workouts with meticulous detail, I am a free spirit at heart. I have a huge sense of

    adventure, having traveled all over the world for both work and play.


    I grew up for the most part in the Midwest and my college coaching career took me out east for 12 years.


    The University of Nebraska was my last stop, and then I kept going West. My love of rock and alpine climbing brought me to Colorado.


    I love working with people who have ambitious training agendas and who see the big picture on what it takes to get there.


  • Thal woods, B.S.

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    Thal Woods is a Denver based Athlete/ Body Performance Specialist with over 8 years of experience in competing as a professional athlete and assisting individuals, athletes, and sports teams who desire to achieve Maximal Performance.

    As a former college and professional athlete, he is able to use his own personal experiences to help motivate and encourage his athletes and clients.


    Thal’s elite athletic background in high school and college led him to pursue a B.S in Exercise Sports Science at Colorado State University, where he earned a 4 year football scholarship to play defensive back on the football team and sprint on the track and field team where he is on the Indoor 55 meter Top 10 all Time list.



    Like Scott, I believe science of exercise and the art of coaching combined the belief that overall wellness is the key to a productive and fruitful life has evolved into my belief that everyone is an athlete and athletes have the best overall functional bodies. This drives my coaching and development of every athlete and or Team I work with.


    I was born in Denver Colorado to Parents Alvin Green and Toni Woods and I grew up in Denver's Park Hill area. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother who all went to school in the area.


    I went Mullen High school and played football and ran track. At Mullen I was an all conference, all state and blue chip running back/defensive back and also excelled on the track team where we won 4 state track and field titles in four years. I received his Bachelors of Science degree in exercise sports science from Colorado State University.


    I still train and run at a high level and now have an amazing one year old daughter to share my passion with!